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Multi-media Classroom

Time:2016-02-13    Author:  Administration Department

    When compared with traditional teaching, a multi-media device allows understanding of important and difficult points at a glance by using PPT, simplifies teaching procedures, and allows a teacher to instruct more information to students within the same time, speed up teaching pace and improve the teaching efficiency in classroom, and also solve the problems of many teaching materials, exercises and few class hours teachers may experience in traditional teaching. In addition, the replacement of traditional chalk blackboard-writing with electronic whiteboard has changed the situation that a classroom is too simple to aspire the studying motivation of students. At the same time, it provides teachers and students with a clear and comfortable teaching environment without obsession with chalk dust and students will not be distracted due to other affairs.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for places where multi-media devices, speakers or speaker systems are not installed such as classroom, multi-function hall, meeting room and training room.

Technical Features
▷ The wall-mounted integrated teaching & learning system is integrated with an OPS computer, power amplifier, speaker, console, wireless microphone, and 5 million megapixel visual presenter. The system is wholly mounted onto a wall or inside a sliding blackboard without the need of additional electronic platform or other devices. The platform is modularly designed and can be easily replaced and upgraded and easy to maintain.

▷ The built-in control panel is designed as touch screen and features electrically-operated curtain up&down control interface, projection switch control interface and large screen switch control interface.

▷Support play in MP3 format from TF (Micro SD). The control panel can be used for play, pause and next track operations.

▷ The built-in wireless microphone will automatically search for its proper frequency band after power on, and after this, will automatically enable transmission in the transmission power of 10 dbm. The effective operating distance from a wireless speaker is not less than 15 m.

▷ The wireless microphone uses a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and is provided with a USB charger. The continuous audio transmission time is longer than 8 hours. An external audio input can be connected.

▷ The wireless microphone transmitter is designed as a built-in double pick-up and built with two 90° double angled and double built-in microphones, and also supports input from headphones. It is available as hand-held and head-mounted versions.
Product Compositions
    Integrated multi-media wall-mounted system, microphone, speaker, projector and electronic whiteboard

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